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Read more about Barry ». When she gets ram-buctious we tap out and let the goats tap in. Colts Neck, NJ 07722 is a 0 sqft home sold on ---and is owned by PATRICIA KING INC BAILEY.. ELISA Quietly Amazing Eliza loves love -- she won’t seek it out but look her in the eye and stroke her cheek, her tail will wag fast and she’s all yours. Stay tuned! Her best friends are Valerie and caregiver Christina. More about Arthur to come... Not a morning guy, Wilbur is more the type to hit the snooze button. He'll come running (actually, pronking!) Read more about Gromit », Always on the go, Veronique prefers to be out rooting in the pasture way past her bedtime. While hesitant around people at first once you earn her trust, she’ll show you her goofy side. She and Ally adore each other. Read more about the felines », Levi is a sweet and loving guy--a boss well-respected but not feared. The two share a special bond. We will be posting frequently here on our website and on our various social media platforms. Hockhockson Farm Foundation President & Author of Do Unto Animals. She's a master runningback with fancy and fast footwork - bopping around the jungle gym hoping to entice Avery or Romy to play with her. Their stories are part of our programming, taking place at different venues in our community and beyond. He’s the little brother that torments you because he loves your attention. Read more about Eliza ». To be honest we linger a little longer hoping he’ll drive us crazy. Their names are Dr. White Pants, Missy Gray, Greg, Tetley, Ernie, Queen Frostine, Steely Dan, Smith, Fleetwood Mac, Kaleidoscope, Marguerite, Malcolm, Mama Aspen, Helen, Hall, and Oates. They work outside year-round in all temperatures, no matter the weather. Please Note: These recommendations are based on the experience and opinions of our caregivers and staff. When Christina signs out on nightly health charts, Wendy knows that's her cue to nestle in her lap for the perfect end to the day. Step One: Slice the Avocado in Half Make sure the avocado is ripe and ready to slice. The annual taxes is $. During the nascent phase of building Hockhockson Farm Foundation, Tracey is focusing on developing programming for Hockhockson Farm along with her own writing. More about Grover to come... Hockhockson Farm2020-10-12T12:30:50-04:00Tracey's Stew|. 137.36.The total assessment value of the property is $7,800.The land was assessed at $7,800 and the improvements to the property were assessed at $0.The Deed for . The Little Island Accordion Book. He'll fall asleep in Tracey's lap, and she loves this probably even more than he. Get Started. She loves scratching at the earth for bugs, and of course, she loves her special friend Wendy. Initially shy, Wendy opens up with a humorous, talkative personality. This little Romeo will call out to his Juliet and she will happily run to him. His best friends are caregiver Kat and Avery. More about Lucas to come... You’d never know by meeting young-spirited Sneakers that he’s 32 yrs. More about Wilbur to come... Luckily for us all when we purchased Hockhockson Farm we got more than we paid for. If the avocado is rock hard, it will need a few ... Hockhockson Farm Foundation2020-04-14T12:55:57-04:00Young Learners|. The name Hockhockson derives from a Native American word meaning "plantation". Read more about Harper », Avery is very fittingly a Capricorn; soft-hearted and determined. Remember to Do Unto Animals when you’re Doing Unto Others! HOME FACILITY MEET THE INSTRUCTOR LESSONS & COMPETITION AROUND THE FARM (732)330-1135    Winward Equestrian is located at a beautiful and peaceful 15 acre farm in Colts Neck, NJ. old --99+ yrs. Search for other Fruit & Vegetable Growers & Shippers in Colts Neck on The Real Yellow Pages®. Harper LOVES to say hi to everyone and to sunbathe on the jungle gym. No matter how old Lucas is, he’ll always be our baby boy. How can we participate in happenings at the farm? He’s our superhero! Clarence is our curious cutie. Read more about Anita ». We rescue as many animals as we have room for and that our exceptional caregiving staff (4 full-time caregivers) can provide hands-on individual care morning, noon, and night. Her hard exterior belies a smushy soft center. Tracey calls him her boy but his soulmate is Eliza. Just because kids won’t be packing a lunchbox for a bit doesn’t mean they can’t get creative about the lunchbox they plan to bring in the future. We love seeing the sun shine down on her! He LOVES his winter coat and takes on a bit of bravado when wearing it. As animal lovers, we can always do and be more for those who depend on us. Is Hockhockson Farm open to the general public? He loves connection and to be pet and, like many others, he adores Eliza. Arthur and Wilbur explore different nooks and crannies during the day. Hockhockson Farm is our family’s private farm. When the story is over but the tale is one you and your kids ... Hockhockson Farm Foundation2020-04-14T12:55:31-04:00Young Learners|. HOCKHOCKSON ROAD. He loves sneaking up to give hugs. The Little Island Accordion Book. These days are you having an urge to redecorate as you look at your never-changing surroundings? She'll leap into the air to get hand-fed treats. He’s always rooting for something and we’re rooting for him! Please follow along to stay up to date on everything Hockhockson Farm Foundation is up to! Learn how you can promote healthy, sustainable, & kind living. Described as “a lot of sheeple’s best friend. We pride ourselves on having a welcoming, clean, safe … To show your support for our animals and caregivers, please share our stories with your loved ones and keep on being kind to animals, each other, and yourself. Ally is our little shy girl. As we move forward with the long term planning and success of Hockhockson Farm, we’ll make everyone aware of future opportunities. She’s playful gurrrrl but she don’t play. And who ... We invite you to consider a whole-food, plant-based diet for your health, for animals, and for the environment. More about Valerie to come... Grover is a dreamy boy. *151 Hockhockson rd, Colts Neck, NJ 07722: Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. This tight-knit family moves as a unit - if one is going to check out something, they're all going. The only clue they’re in there is an occasional snort. Hockhockson is an unincorporated community located within Tinton Falls in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. When it’s time for this spirited girl to slow down she loves to snuggle with her gal pal Eliza. Click the link, What a beautiful moment to help us celebrate Sneak, Wilbur is all smiles because tomorrow is his Rescu, Nothing goes to waste when Veronique enjoys a wate, Romy, Frankie, Eliza, and Lucas help themselves at, Make It! The ladies love this sweet old man! The name Hockhockson derives from a Native American word meaning "plantation". We invite you to email us at info@hockhocksonfarm.org! More about Ally to come... Anita is an angel! Read more about Levi », Harper packs a wallop into a small package and a wallop is what you’ll get if you try to push her around. We adore him! He runs, spins, and plays bows just like a puppy. A deep soul, his gaze will melt your heart. More about Wendy to come... Valerie is very brave and curious. Hobbies: Macgyvering toys out of anything and looking for trouble with Levi.Read more about Avery », Incredibly sweet, tolerant and trusting: He has the cutest freckles on his nose. We love to kiss her sweet little nose and get tickled by her soft whiskers. His girlfriend is Panda (a therapy horse from Mini Horse Heroes that he shares a paddock with). Our staff shares some of our favorite plant-based, vegan recipes. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with happenings at The Daily Squeal! At bedtime though, they report back to each other with the day’s events and snuggle deep inside their nest. Learn how you can promote healthy, sustainable, & kind living. I’ve learned more often than not, the rescued animal is the human, and the rescuer usually has four legs (or sometimes 3, or wings, or fins…you get the picture). HOCKHOCKSON ROAD is filed with the County Clerk in Book ---on Page ---. Colts Neck, NJ 07722 is a 0 sqft home sold on ---and is owned by PATRICIA KING INC BAILEY.. Nugget is a super sweet boy, often mistaken for a plush toy. Hockhockson Farm--228 Route 537E, Colts Neck, NJ Hockhockson Farm: Circa 1777 Historic Property located in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Hockhockson is an unincorporated community located within Tinton Falls in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. ", she’s incredibly maternal. [1], Unincorporated community in New Jersey, United States, Location of Hockhockson in Monmouth County Inset: Location of county within the state of New Jersey, Hockhockson, New Jersey (the United States), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hockhockson,_New_Jersey&oldid=946420334, Unincorporated communities in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Monmouth County, New Jersey geography stubs, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 March 2020, at 01:37. Do you have apparel with your logo on it? Barry and Lucas adore her and Frankie will seek her out to snuggle and rest on her head on her back. More about Nugget to come... Jill, our Director of Shelter and Rescue, says Gromit is one of the sweetest angels she’s ever met and she’s met a lot of angels! While she appreciates a good belly rub, she won’t commit too long (#FOMO). We are not currently hiring or in need of volunteers. We rescue as many animals as we have room for and that our exceptional caregiving staff (4 full-time caregivers) can provide hands-on individual care morning, noon, and night. HOCKHOCKSON ROAD is filed with the County Clerk in Book ---on Page ---. Speaking events will be announced at a later phase. We have ... Hockhockson Farm Foundation2020-04-14T12:56:34-04:00Recipes: Fill Your Belly|. He’s so gentle and never even went through his head-butting phase. I believe anything is possible and change can happen in the world when we as individuals live by our beliefs and let kindness be our inspiration. She loves to observe the antics of the ducks. Read more about Veronique ». Having only one eye doesn’t keep Anita from keeping an eye on everything. our community by encouraging whole food, plant-based eating and cultivating opportunities and access to those in need. His favorite activities include rolling in the grass and then rolling in the grass some more, running, puzzle toys and watching the mini horses like he’s watching TV! The annual taxes is $. Thank you for your interest and support! When she’s not hanging with Anita in the pasture she’s flirting with Sneakers. Grover loves to play and get the zoomies - leaping in the air, running into his stall and jumping atop his bales of hay. More about Frankie to come... Romy is pure innocence. He loves meeting new friends and has never met a soul he didn't like. If you don’t give him attention he will paw at you until you oblige. ", she’s incredibly maternal. Make It! With her friend Anita by her side-- she is calm, gentle and content. These crafts and activities are perfect to teach your kids about animals and spreading kindness. Books, websites, podcasts, videos, and more to help maintain a plant-based lifestyle. More about the ducks to come... You may find Alondra sound asleep in her hay tube looking so angelic and peaceful, but she plays as hard as she sleeps! We thought we'd show you how to simply (and affordably) make some decorative ... Hockhockson Farm Foundation2020-04-14T12:55:14-04:00Young Learners|.

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