the race world war

For other uses, see The War of the Worlds (disambiguation). Its oceans are very small and consequently holds few petroleum deposits. Two "soldiers' times" were declared before the Race came to Earth, corresponding to the two worlds conquered by the Race prior to Earth. Fears of South African race war grow after farm murder. The Emperor's birthday (known to The Race as "Hatching Day") is celebrated once every 6 months (a year for The Race). The Japanese are referred to as Nipponese, a hybrid of Japanese and English (the Japanese refer to themselves as Nihon-jin)HistoryPre-WorldwarLittle is known of The Race's history before the establishment of The Empire. Before long, a race for empire was under way among the great powers. Its elliptical orbit is half as long as Earth's, and its climate is much hotter and dryer. The exception is that of Nippon (Japan), which survived as an independent empire following the war. Landing bases in Florida, Illinois, Idaho, and New York cause widespread panic and chaos in the United States. *, Race — may refer to:General* Racing competitions ** The Race (yachting race), or La course du millénaire , a no rules round the world sailing event * Race (biology), classification of flora and fauna * Race (classification of human beings) * Race and… …   Wikipedia, Worldwar — is a series of four alternate history science fiction novels by Harry Turtledove.The premise of the series is an alien invasion of Earth in the middle of World War II. Taking over land meant taking over the people who lived there and this disturbed some Europeans. Book Review: Churchill's Shadow Raiders: The Race to Develop Radar, World War II's Invisible Secret Weapon. Little is revealed of their history before their subjugation to The Empire, other than that the Hallessi had an identical form of government, while the Rabotevs were divided among competing mini-empires. SSS! The French, to be sure, occupied Algeria, the British strengthened their hold on India, the Dutch developed the East Indies and the western powers, including the United States, opened Japan to trade and started to penetrate China. There is no monogamy, and males play no part in the raising of young. The Rabotevs were conquered 14,000 EY ago by Fleetlord Pssafalu, and the Hallessi 9,000 EY later by Fleetlord Hisstan. On the night of May 30, only hours after detonating the atomics, the Race's forces attack human aircraft and ground vehicles in and around designated landing zones. Impact on Humans The effects of the Conquest could not have been foreseen by either party - least of all the Race, given their ultra-conservative culture. German and British fighter airplanes were re-designed with jet engines and swept wings for faster flight, in an attempt to at least partially close the gap with supersonic Race killercraft. The Race view the war much as Americans in the real-world timeline later viewed the Vietnam War: although the Race usually have the upper hand, they are taking staggering (to them) losses due to attrition. Several other inventions (mostly military, including the bazooka) and tactics were thus developed years ahead of their times in regular history.By the 1960s (during the time of Colonization, when the Race held most of the Southern Hemisphere of Tosev 3), most cars in America ran on hydrogen. They do not vocalise as frequently as human children unless urged to do so, a defence mechanism against predators. right in the Fleetlord's face!ReferencesExternal links* In an attempt to reduce human resistance, Atvar orders the use of atomic weapons on Washington DC and Berlin, compelling both nations to fight harder and to hasten production of their own atomic weapons.The effect of the war on the psyche of the Conquest fleet soldiers is steep. Within months after the start of the Conquest, three human factions (the United States of America, the German Reich, and Russia) had salvaged nuclear material and produced their own atomic bombs. Culturally, humans try to take the occupation in stride, e.g. Each nation was aware of the growing military power of their neighbors and responded by growing their armies in turn. The following is a list of various terms in the language of the Race and their equivalent, as well as other new concepts that the Race has had to learn:*Big Ugly: Derogatory slang term that Race soldiers came up with for humans (known as Tosevites to the Race) after arriving on Earth, referring to the fact that humans are much taller than the Race. Personal computers were used by an increasing number of workers, thanks to advances in electronics from scavenged Race technology. Turtledove wanted to reflect this in their language by their lack of specific words for all things military. The German battery manages to destroy two of the Race's ships, including the one which carries the bulk of the Conquest Fleet's atomic stockpile. However, the Race's mounting losses and inability to conquer Earth gradually lead to splits within the ranks of the Fleet officers; disgruntled frontline soldiers in Siberia mutiny against their officers (an unthinkable act in their culture), much as French army units mutinied during World War I, demanding new army leadership that would stop the high attrition they were suffering. The Conquest Fleet under Fleetlord Atvar arrives in Tosev 3’s solar system on December of 1941, after a 20 year (human years) journey spent in stasis. Sequence of Events: Belgian resistance. There is no monogamy, and males play no part in the raising of young. In the early days of the fighting, only Germany is able to battle the aliens with any measure of success because its economy has been specifically geared toward war. The Soviet Union must deal with enemy strongholds in the Ukrainian SSR, Outer Mongolia, and Siberia. West in the Middle Ages 481 A.D. – 1485 A.D. Western Imperialism Influences Many Parts of the World, World Conflicts Threaten to Destroy Civilization, World War 2 and its Aftermath 1934 – 1944, The Roman Republic is Reborn with Imperial Splendour (73 – 31 B.C. New concepts are introduced to Race society gradually over a period of centuries so as to prevent societal instability.ReligionThe Emperor is elevated to a god-like status in Race society. Within months after the start of the Conquest, three human factions (the United States of America, the German Reich, and Russia) had salvaged nuclear material and produced their own atomic bombs. South America and Africa are overrun almost immediately. In Race society, steadiness and stability count so much more than speed, that invention is not encouraged. Personal computers were used by an increasing number of workers, thanks to advances in electronics from scavenged Race technology. A primitive form of the Internet was growing. One is charged with commanding the conquest fleet, and the other in charge of the colonization fleet. ), Classical Greece – A Golden Age and New Dynasty Dawn (480 – 323 BC), Buddha, the Prophet of the East (524 B.C. The Race simultaneously establishes bases on every continent except Antarctica. The Race's forces establish bases in Poland, cutting Nazi Germany off from the bulk of its forces in the Soviet Union and resulting in a massive German retreat westward. Furthermore, manufacturers everywhere wanted to be sure of getting raw materials when they needed them and in large enough quantities.

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