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With Anduin's safety secured, the Stormwind army continued the battle. Varian denounced Gilneas as an ally and absolved himself of any association with the desperate nation. Jaina returned and informed Varian that Varimathras and the Royal Apothecary Society had betrayed them all and the Horde no longer controlled Undercity. In the Trial of Fury, Varian recalled the most precious thing in his life: his son, Anduin. Those who mend instead of those who break. Shortly after King Varian was kidnapped, Bolvar Fordragon was made Regent-Lord of Stormwind and vowed to find and rescue King Varian at any cost.

Varian went on to reveal that the turmoil his kingdom suffered under Onyxia's influence, the deaths of Tiffin and Marshal Windsor, and Lordaeron’s fall all weigh heavily on him, and that even at that moment, he struggled with being thrust into the position of humanity’s de-facto leader. Varian subsequently was able to wound and disarm Garrosh of the mighty Gorehowl. Yes, today we honor the past, but only with our eyes firmly fixed on a brighter future! Before departing, Malfurion advises Varian to forgive himself for his faults and not to judge Genn with the same high standards that he places upon himself, as he will never be able to compete nor be given the chance to redeem himself. Impressed by Varian's skill at arms, the crowd gave him the Taur-ahe moniker "Lo'Gosh" — which means "Ghost Wolf".[35]. After receiving word of Bolvar's death Varian is overwhelmed with anger and sorrow, having considered Bolvar a brother ruling his kingdom and raising his son for years. At some point, he was visited by his old friend Broll Bearmantle, Tyrande Whisperwind, Lucan Foxblood, and the orc Thura. In either case, his freedom was bought and paid for by a special tax. Valeera quickly subdued the man, but he transformed into a black dragon and fled.
For years, Varian had kept the locket to remind him of his responsibilities as king. Westfall was retaken by force by the Westfall Brigade and the remnants of the Defias Brotherhood were stamped out.

[41] Lo'Gosh and his entourage went on the become instrumental in the reclaiming of the Thandol Span Bridges which were being occupied by Dark Iron forces, although at the cost of Hjalmar's life. While Lothar enjoyed some small success in holding back the Horde, his efforts were dashed when Garona Halforcen, who had become an ally to Stormwind, betrayed King Llane under orders from the Shadow Council in the year 3. [45], Onyxia desperately tries to incinerate him, but Varian swiftly reached Onyxia's head and impaled her with his newly-fused elven sword, Shalamayne. A month later, the king wrote a letter and sent a messenger to Greydon's son Aramar in Lakeshire, thanking him for his role in the struggle and sending him a fine dagger as a replacement for the Diamond Blade. Despite the insults to him and his people, Genn held his anger in check and tried to persuade the king of Stormwind that Gilneas had changed and that they were now ready to be staunch supporters of the Alliance. Fast approaching the Broken Shore, Varian exchanged a brief nod with Horde leader Sylvanas Windrunner atop her own gunship. These rumors were true. I believe that our kind is cursed. [36] Unfortunately, his vision was interrupted by a cave elemental that had been haunting the pools of vision, a foe which he subsequently defeated. Varian declared that if his ferocity makes him a monster, then he is the monster that Stormwind needs. As Varian walks away, he threatens Vol'jin that should his Horde fail to uphold honor like Garrosh did, the Alliance will return to end them. If the Horde will push us over the brink into war, then so be it. When entering Undercity, Varian becomes disgusted by the condition of the once-great city, which he knew since childhood. All Alliance nations have been churning out weapons and rebuilding the fleet for the coming world war. Varian was about to strike a mortal blow to Garona when Med'an entered to protect his mother. Both Jaina and Benedictus assured him that Anduin has a different strength to give to the world, and as a healer, he is attuned with the Light. Together with Lor'themar Theron, Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas Windrunner made a landfall at the Bladefist Bay. The mage mocked Lo'Gosh by claiming that his son would be murdered. As Varian examined the wreckage left behind in Deathwing's destruction, he came across a dagger-shaped obsidian splinter protruding from a damaged wall. I hold your safety as my highest responsibility, your good livelihood my first and only calling. In the Trial of Balance, Varian recalled his life as a young king. Many years later, Varian attended Arthas' ascension to the Order of the Silver Hand and sparred. A large battle at the front gates and in the Valley of Strength ensues that might tie the fate of both factions into one. Each day they are alive is a great day, for each generation finds its own way to become the greatest generation that has ever lived and become the heroes of tomorrow. Perhaps even with the aid of those with in Orgrimmar who are discontent with Garrosh's leadership. Jaina explained that although Onyxia's spell split them in half, they were both able to fight past the spell and regain who they truly were, even though they both lived as separate beings. "At the Wrathgate, the Horde's partnership killed more of our men than the Scourge. The vision of his father reminded him to act as a king.[90]. Broll and Lo'Gosh eventually reached the Cenarion Enclave in Darnassus, and were summoned to dinner by Tyrande Whisperwind. Though it was a bold plan, the other Alliance representatives agreed that occupying the Horde's capital would put the Horde in disarray. A flash of fire exploded from the sky and hit the drakonid as he rushed in. Varian managed to survive the blast and managed to swim on to some ship wreckage. A disturbingly short time after Marshal Windsor began his investigation, he had come to the conclusion that the impostor Varian may not only be an impostor, but a dragon. Before departing, Varian and Anduin gave an inspirational speech to remind the Alliance what they were fighting for. Upon arriving young Varian was greeted by King Terenas, who treated him as an equal king despite Varian's young age. Varian and his guards land first and will rendezvous with the Alliance hero and the Alliance vanguard. As he momentarily watches to ensure that the gunship flies away to safety, Varian is left to make a final stand against powerful demons, killing several as he's increasingly wounded, before being impaled from behind by two felguard. He never surrendered, Anduin thought and began to doubt that he could be the king he was.

", "You must have me confused with the other Varian. Varian was able to escape its corruption using an anti-dreaming potion. Varian Wrynn, also called Lo'Gosh the "Ghost Wolf", is the son of the late King Llane Wrynn, the High King of the Alliance, and the current King of Stormwind.Under his leadership, the humans of Stormwind led the Alliance to victory against the Lich King in Northrend, and now seek to bolster their strategic holdings against their perennial enemy, "the Horde". After much reflection, Varian sought Genn out again just as he was about to depart from Darnassus. [38], Upon arriving in Theramore, Jaina vowed to Lo'Gosh that she would unravel the mystery surrounding him, and called upon her chamberlain, Aegwynn, to help. Relishing a chance to humiliate the Gilnean king in front of his subjects, he took up the challenge and attempted to kill every one of Genn's prey in order to put him to shame.

Though Garrosh wanted to settle the matter, the tide of the battle had turned unfavorably for the Horde and Garrosh was forced to retreat. Though the orcs in the training grounds labeled him a troublemaker, Rehgar permitted his disobedience and allowed him to watch on as his partners trained. And behind me, I see a city rising from disaster, with fresh hope and gleaming new spires! On the way there, Ranger General Vereesa Windrunner wasn't pleased of the outcome with stopping Thrall from killing Garrosh Hellscream. It was during this time of renewed tranquility in Year 15 that Varian married a young, beautiful woman named Tiffin Ellerian and conceived a son, Anduin, named for Lothar. Varian Wrynn's appearance during the Wrath of the Lich King beta build 8905. Varian however, was disappointed that Jaina had not conferred with him before she acted as her attack on the Sunreavers would consequently drive the sin'dorei back to the Horde. As Varian ended his diatribe, he looked around and caught the familiar face of Anduin staring back at him from the rear of the throne room. His son, former-Prince Anduin Llane Wrynn is his successor.

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