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Take Our Quiz To Find Out, – Which Current Female WWE Superstar Are You? Take Our Quiz To Find Out, — Predictions For The Next NXT Takeover Event. Vince and Rod didn’t have childhood memories together since they didn’t grow up in the same household.
Ryback didn’t realize until afterward that it was Vince’s brother. The track record of Vince shows he loves to show off his family with the numerous storylines. But then [Vince's] face got really red and got mad at me, and this was during the Rybaxel period so I was like, 'F**k! Rod lives a quiet life in the Houston area of Texas. His latest book is KB’s Complete 2004 Monday Night Raw Reviews. The idea never made it to television in the future.

However, Rod has never been showcased on WWE television at all.

The McMahons are some of the most fascinating people to ever grace the pro wrestling business. Find out what exactly is going on with Vince’s brother. Would you have been interested in hearing from Rod? BY Thomas Hall – ON December 6, 2019 IN News, Other, WWE. Conrad Thompson is quite known in the wrestling community for his success co-hosting a few hit podcasts and running the Starrcast convention. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

At the time the company put the wheels in motion for bringing in Roderick during the Vince McMahon death angle. Vince McMahon - a third generation wrestling promoter - is the chairman and CEO of the company. December 6, 2019 IN News, Other, WWE. Quite a few tidbits of news have come out about Rod’s background and life.

The two started talking more as adults when wanting to learn more about each other. He married Marissa Mazzola in 1996 and has three sons: Declan James, Rogan, and Kenyon Jesse. The biggest shared passion for Rod and Vince McMahon each would be their love of fitness. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Vince McMahon is a person like no other. Roderick is Vince's real-life brother and WWE was dead set on bringing him into the fold back in 2007. CEO, businessman, and wrestler who is the son of WWE co-founder Vince McMahon. You have Vince himself as the boss, Shane as the loud mouthed son, Stephanie as the overbearing daughter and Linda as the reserved one who can scare Vince. Vince Jr. was being groomed to take over for Vince Sr. since he showed a strong passion for the wrestling business. Vince is 74 years old which means Rod is somewhere in his later 70s.
According to former WWE writer: Court Bauer, Vince’s brother almost played a role on WWE television. "I know what [the issues] are, and I believe that it needs to be taken care of by having a conversation with Vince McMahon if I ever have one, but I can separate things. Once In A Lifetime: Vince McMahon’s Brother And The Wrestling Convention. He has also been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 full shows covered. Shortly after Vince was properly introduced to the WWE Universe, his son Shane and daughter Stephanie were also used as characters to further angles. Rod did not wind up appearing. The idea to bring in Roderick was a stroke of genius, and it's a real shame that the events which unfolded shortly after stopped that from happening. He worked for his father's wrestling company. WWE would have had a drastic change if Vince didn’t avoid the time in prison. Ryback says Rod seems like a genuinely good guy and he didn't want to talk about his own issues with WWE with Vince's brother. That’s a different way to go. You can find his work at, or check out his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books. Rod’s workout routine was the reason he met Ryback. Joey is an avid wrestling fan with a passion for content writing. The friendship is still going since Ryback felt it would be unfair to lose a friend due to his falling out with WWE and Vince. Four generations of McMahons have been involved with WWE going back to Vince McMahon's grandfather, Jess. Find out what exactly is going on with Vince’s brother. Vince clearly missed out on a great tag run of Ryback and Rod. When he retired in 1982, h… As former WWE writer Court Bauer said in an interview from 2017, Rod McMahon was actually intended to become an on-screen character … Stephanie and Shane are the commissioners of Raw and SmackDown Live respectively, and even Vince still appears semi-regularly despite being 72 years old. CEO, businessman, and wrestler who is the son of WWE co-founder Let us know in the comments below.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'wrestlingrumors_net-box-4','ezslot_3',153,'0','0'])); Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has seen over 50,000 wrestling matches. "I didn't know that Vince had a brother and they are around the same age. So why was the storyline scrapped? His family was going to come in the following week and be part of the funeral for Vince McMahon and I was always pushing that I would love to get another side of the McMahon family involved with WWE. A deal seemed possible, but ultimately fell through, at least partially due to Bruce Prichard calling Thompson and asking what he was doing, as WWE had heard about the move possibly taking place. The track record of Vince shows he loves to show off his family with the numerous storylines. Both guys still go to the gym regularly despite being in the later stages of their lives. Roderick McMahon. Vince McMahon feared for the future of WWE when he was on trial for steroid distribution in the early 90s. Both siblings look to be in great shape for their ages based on recent pictures. Vince may have had his ideal training partner if he spent more time with Rod. I seem to recall that storyline, but thought it was supposed to lead to the reveal of Vince's son. He won a European Championship and Hardcore Championship during his wrestling career. You might not know that Vince McMahon has a real-life brother: Roderick James McMahon III. Bauer was recently a guest on The World According To Wrestling podcast. You can listen to Ryback discussing Rod McMahon in the video above. Vince certainly made the right call though, and pushing forward with a fake death story amidst the Benoit tragedy would have been extremely tasteless. Vince Jr. didn’t grow up with his dad either, but they grew closer to give him the role taking over WWE. That’s a different way to go. The first marriage saw Rod develop a conflict with his dad leaving him. Vince McMahon is a person like no other. Will Vince ever do a public meet and greet? What could’ve happened.”. One of the more popular photos of Rod McMahon to leak online featured him posing with his family. He shared that during the Mr. McMahon death storyline in 2007, his brother Roderick was supposed to get involved but the plans were scrapped. The stories about Rod McMahon let Ryback reveal that Rod is one of the customers that do purchase his items from his online store. The McMahon family is a prominent Irish-American family, primarily known for their involvement in the professional wrestling business.

The two met at a Gold’s Gym in Houston and had a fun conversation. Vince’s life in his Connecticut mansion is the polar opposite of Rod’s lifestyle. Rumor Roundup: The Upcoming Plans For Elias, The Weird Ending Of RAW, More, Dave Meltzer Star Ratings – WWE Hell In A Cell 2020, Bret Hart Names His Four Favorite Current WWE Superstars, Rumor Roundup: The Plan For The Undertaker’s Return, AJ Styles’ New Bodyguard, More, WWE RAW Results 10/19/2020 – Things That We Learned. That's a conversation that Ryback would rather have with Vince himself. Bruce Prichard revealed Vince’s fallback plan of having his brother Rod running the company with Pat Patterson’s leadership helping him out. Points to Thompson for thinking so far outside the box though, as not everyone can do that. Rod’s two sons are monsters of men that looked like they’d fit in the wrestling world. Even with that, Rod happens to be Ryback's only connection to the McMahons and WWE ever since he left the company three years ago. To me he comes across as a normal guy. One hilarious moment saw Bruce Prichard wondering if Conrad lost his mind when revealing he tried to reach out to Rod McMahon for an appearance at Starrcast during the weekend of AEW Full Gear. Vince McMahon’s preference for wrestlers of larger sizes makes it humorous that his nephews could have been his dream signings. That was over some ankle stuff too," said Ryback. – Which Current Male WWE Superstar Are You?

The addition of another McMahon would have only further pushed more deserving Superstars down the card and may have even led to more of the family joining the company. RELATED: A List Of Vince McMahon’s Best Friends.

The following details will provide more information about Rod McMahon.

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