Let’s start off with a look at my current portfolio as of January 1st, 2021. I have been at this for over 15 years, and have accumulated some pretty standard investments and a few more “non-traditional” investments. I’ll start with the simplest. (Note: the links on this page are affiliate links.)

Retirement Accounts

Like many people, I do have a 401K. I also have a Roth IRA. The Roth IRA is pretty standard – I have it through Personal Capital, and they manage the assets in it – mainly exchange-traded funds (ETFs.) The 401K was pretty standard when I was still employed – it was through Fidelity and I owned an assortment of managed and index mutual funds. Once I retired, I switched it over to a Solo 401K, which allows me to invest in almost anything. At this moment, I have two private notes/mortgages, a couple of Groundfloor accounts, and a Fundrise account. I will likely also have a brokerage account at some point so I can invest a portion of this account in index mutual funds/ETFs.

Brokerage Accounts

I have two non-retirement brokerage accounts as well. One is also through Personal Capital, and the other is a “play” account through Robinhood.


This is an interesting platform. It allows unaccredited investors to invest in larger real estate deals. The minimum investment is $500, and it has performed quite will over the three years I have been an investor.


This is another interesting platform that lets unaccredited investors have some real estate exposure in their portfolios. It lets investors buy portions of fix-and-flip loans given to investors all over the US. It does require a little use intervention right now, but the returns have been really good so far.


This is another platform that allows unaccredited investors to invest in larger real estate projects. So far, it has been a solid performer.

Rental Real Estate

I do own several physical rental properties – 21 buildings and 35 units as I am typing this, in Milwaukee and southern Wisconsin. They are all being managed by a property manager, so I am as “hands-off” as I can be.

In 2021, I plan to invest in some private placements and to own some off-shore agricultural land.